Month: April 2016

Animal Breeders And What They Do

April 12, 2016

Nowadays animal breeding is a profitable profession. Many people breed animals which are sold for profit and also includes cross breeding and other techniques which require scientific and lab methods for experimentation. Pedigreed animals are highly prized these days and are sought out for exhibitions and shows. As these animals bring in a lot of money, there is much emphasis on breeding these animals and weeding out inferior traits by cross breeding between the right species.

Knowhow of breeders

Usually animal breeders breed animals for shows as well as for sales to individuals and families who are looking for dog companionship. The breeder needs to be knowledgeable about the breeds or animals that they have which can be different kinds of farm or domestic animals. They need to be aware of the development and growth process of the different species as well as understand habits and reproductive cycles. Some also possess knowledge of behavioural dog training.

How breeding is done?

Animal breeders focus on how animals are bred and to check for desirable or defective traits in newborns. Usually breeders specialize in a certain breed of animals. They need to know their habits, care and needs and be able to support the process of reproduction. Nutritional and other aspects like behavioural dog training in Sydney are also known by them. Breeders ensure that animals breed with the best care and the necessary tasks of feeding, cleaning and medicating them is also done by the breeders and their helpers.

Ensuring good breeds

An animal breeder will be successful in his or her business when the animals in their care breed young ones that are healthy and have desirable traits. For that reason the breeders ensure that the animals are kept in hygienic conditions. They inspect the animals regularly for signs of infection or injuries. They also have working knowledge of different ailments of the animals and have vets on their rolls to look after the animals. These are the steps to take to ensure that the animals breed in a healthy environment.

Keeping records

Usually there are parameters of animals of god breed and features. As a result the height, weight as well as maturity and growth progress are usually checked by the breeder from time to time. The ovulation process has to be tracked in the different animals. Choosing the right periods for breeding and conducting tests are other steps that a breeder needs to follow. There are several records to be kept. When breeders are recognized by national bodies there are certain standards and record maintenance that a breeder needs to abide by. That helps them to price the animals they breed and have a reputation in the market as well.

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